I’m Marianna aka Mariuska, an italian illustrator based in Milan. I graduated as fashion designer in 2011 at IUAV faculty of Design & Arts, Venice.

I like to think at my illustrations almost like a playground, where attractive people and objects are living together to create a story, and this story is about Style. My intention is to get a sense of each beautiful things in every days life: Fashion, people, food&drinks, love, through what appears to be relatively few lines and make it with irony and of course, a bit of glamour touch.

You may have seen my work on: L’OFFICIEL ITALIA, VESTOJ – The Journal of Sartorial Matters, Cosebelle Magazine, PICAME, 24 ORE CULTURA.


‘She completely masters drawing, and she also knows how to bring life to her characters, by painting briefly patterns in watercolors’  Louise Ganesco Deglin




All works © Mariuska
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Mariuska.



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